The Best Baby Costumes Perfect for Their First Halloween

Have you ever seen a baby costume that wasn’t adorable?

We love a good first. First smile, first time they sit up, and definitely first holidays. Halloween is a super fun one, thanks to the opportunity to put your little one in a costume that somehow makes them even cuter (before they have a strong opinion about what they wear for trick-or-treating, right?). Another bonus? Most baby costumes double as a cozy outfit they can wear while older siblings snag candy around the block on Halloween Eve. Plus, they make for the perfect family Halloween pictures. We’ve put together a list of the cutest and most popular baby costumes for 2023. Read on to check out our picks!

Baby Yoda Costume

Super Hero Stuff

We know his name is actually Grogu, but he’ll always be Baby Yoda to us. Includes a robe and matching green ears cap.

Baby Yoda Costume ($41.99)—Buy Here!

Baby Shark Costume

baby shark

We’re really sorry for putting the song in your head, but you’ve gotta admit—it’s catchy. Plus, if it leads to the adorable popover Baby Shark costume, we’ll deal with the ear worm.

Baby Shark Costume ($25.00)—Buy Here!

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