Procos unveils new high-end monomaterial rigid boxes

Procos continues to innovate at a sustained pace! As a preview of the Luxe Pack 2024 show and to meet demands for sustainable solutions anticipating the latest trends, the German supplier has unveiled three new 2024 editions of its Grace Box, a durable rigid box that was launched last year.

Alternative to wooden boxes

Revealed at Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, the Grace Box was developed to offer an alternative to wooden boxes in premium and luxury sectors. The box features key eco-responsible characteristics including: a mono-material construction in FSC certified cardboard and paper, lightness (approximately 40% lighter than a MDF [1] box, and approximately 10% lighter than a wooden box of the same dimensions), total recyclability, availability in recycled cardboard and paper.

In 2024, the Grace Box expands into three versions dedicated to jewellery, wine and spirits, and home and decoration.

The jewellery version adopts the format and codes of a precious demonstration case, with a paper hinge and a lid adorned with gold hot stamping. It features two closure options: with or without a magnet.

The “Wine & Spirit” Grace Box is a mono-material box designed to highlight a bottle in a “collector”, limited edition, or gift set approach. Eventually, for the “Home & Decoration” box, Procos’ teams aimed to imitate wood.

All models are customizable.

These boxes are also designed to find their place in the beauty and cosmetics market, renewing and reinventing standards. They can be interchanged and reinvented according to brands’ inspirations,” explained Stéphanie Havard, Chief Operating Officer at Procos.

Denim tote bag

Procos’ annual tote bag was designed to be at the heart of the trend with its denim for a look in tune with summer 2024 collections. Made of cotton (bag and handles), it features a relief print with an embossed finishing. The light blue cotton lining adds an aesthetic touch inside.

Designed for functionality and utility, it offers five pockets for various storage needs, including a larger one zipped and sewn in the centre of the bag.

The expertise in luxury packaging, for Procos, lies in constant attention to market trends—whether expressed by brands or weak signals—and in ever-pushing perfectionism,” highlighted Leander Kritikos, founding CEO of Procos.

These new products will be presented at Luxe Pack Monaco 2024, alongside the shopping bags adapted to US anti-dumping requirements and other innovations currently in development.

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