New Play To Earn Crypto Game eTukTuk (TUK) Lists on Exchanges 15th July

eTukTuk is quickly emerging as a major player in the GameFi arena, aiming to follow in the footsteps of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. 

The TUK presale has raised over $3.5 million, which experts are calling a sign of its upside potential. 

The fundraising numbers are expected to be much higher in a few days, with the presale scheduled to end on July 15th. 

eTukTuk – The Next Big Play-To-Earn Crypto

GameFi has quickly become one of the most in-demand sectors of the market, along with meme coins and AI. According to CoinGecko, the GameFi sector has a market capitalization of just under $15 billion. 

The success of Notcoin – which currently has a valuation of $1.7 billion – has particularly brought the niche into the spotlight. For instance, NOT is currently up nearly 18% over the past week, while most altcoins have suffered extensive losses amidst the ongoing crypto crash. 

Now, eTukTuk is aiming to replicate Notcoin’s success. 

For instance, experts believe eTukTuk offers much more thrilling, adventure-filled gameplay than Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, based on the Crazy Taxi theme. Players will race across the vibrant streets of Sri Lanka and earn TUK tokens for specific accomplishments. 

Notably, Crazy Taxi – released by Sega in 1999 – was an instant hit. Now, eTukTuk’s modernized version of the game, with updated specs and an added incentive of earning free crypto has the potential to gain widespread popularity as well.

Players can also earn additional in-game perks, including unlocking more cities and upgrading their vehicles. 

If that’s not enough, the project also offers lucrative staking rewards for non-players as well. Investors can stake their TUK holdings, starting with the presale itself, and earn attractive passive income. 

According to the eTukTuk staking dashboard, stakers are currently earning an APY of nearly 80%. 

Experts Also Call TUK A Top Green Crypto

The eTukTuk gameplay has a noble motive behind it, As it turns out, TUK is one of the top green cryptocurrencies, aside from its P2E utility. 

The project has recognized fossil-fuel vehicles as one of the biggest contributors to anthropogenic climate change. While companies such as Tesla are tackling this issue, their pricey EVs do not have much demand in developing countries such as Sri Lanka. 

Consequently, eTukTuk is aiming to popularize electronic TukTuks in such countries through its P2E game. As such, TukTuks are highly popular in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, these vehicles are mostly fossil-fuel-based and are a leading cause of carbon emissions and air pollution. 

The project also aims to set up charging stations in remote areas to facilitate mainstream adoption. It is also planning to launch zero-emission eTukTuks, which are expected to be much cheaper than their fossil-fuel-based counterparts and could therefore see widespread popularity. 

eTukTuk has already partnered with companies such as CyberConnect, GALXE and ETRNL among others to accomplish its mission. 

Is eTukTuk Safe To Invest In?

eTukTuk’s developer team has worked to eliminate most concerns associated with new cryptocurrencies. 

For instance, its smart contract has been audited by Solid Proof, which did not reveal any vulnerability or centralization risks. 

Additionally, the project has active X and Telegram accounts, ensuring a proper communication gateway between investors and the developer team. Most scam projects do not have such features. In fact, eTukTuk’s X account has nearly 42k followers, a sign of an active developer team. 

Several top crypto and mainstream publications are also featuring the project on their platforms, including the likes of The Economic Times and CoinCodex. This serves as an additional evidence of its legitimacy. 

Last Chance To Buy TUK

As previously mentioned, the TUK presale is set to end on July 15th, offering less than 7 days for interested buyers to purchase this play-to-earn token at its discounted price. 

Experts believe that the post-launch price could be much higher, with some analysts even hinting at 10x returns. 

Late buyers also run the risk of missing out on the bullish impact of some major upcoming developments. For instance, the developer team recently burned 200 million TUK tokens, with more burns planned in the future. 

Another 200M $TUK tokens have been burned today! 🔥🔥🔥🔥Hey TukTribe, stay tuned for even more burns, exciting partnerships, and amazing news in the coming days!In total, we’ve burned 600M $TUK tokens so far. Big things are on the horizon! Have a great weekend!🚀…

— eTukTuk (@eTukTukio) July 5, 2024

The eTukTuk X account has also hinted at exciting partnerships and other “big things on the horizon”. While the details are not yet revealed, rumours are rife that TUK could launch on a Tier-1 exchange in the coming weeks. 

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