Melting Pot Selects Coral Gables as Next Location

Melting Pot, the renowned fondue franchise boasting 92 restaurants across the U.S., plans to establish its latest venue in Coral Gables by early 2025. After securing a lease for 320 Miracle Mile, the franchise is focused on developing the site’s interior while preserving the exterior’s historic allure. The upcoming restaurant, aligned with the new Melting Pot Evolution prototype, plans to integrate into the Coral Gables community, offering an enhanced fondue experience to a broader spectrum of potential patrons. With its unique features and benefits, the new Melting Pot restaurant promises to be a thrilling addition to the Coral Gables dining scene.

“Coral Gables is a high-profile market. It’s one of South Florida’s most sought-after shopping destinations,” Dan Stone says, Chief Operating and Development Officer at Front Burner Brands, the Florida-headquartered restaurant management company that operates The Melting Pot. “Miracle Mile is a four-block boulevard that is lined with restaurants, shops, boutiques and art galleries. There’s close to 10 million square feet of office space within walking distance. [The] University of Miami is less than three miles away and there are multiple hotels in the area, including the historic Biltmore Hotel.”

Stone characterized Miracle Mile as “the who’s who of restaurants,” highlighting the abundance of celebration-focused dining concepts in the area. While national and local restaurants offer refined-casual and upscale experiential dining, Melting Pot’s unique experience stands out.

“We’re going to be in good company,” Stone says. “We think we’ll be a perfect complement to Miracle Mile, and we’re excited about the space we’ve secured. It’s a single-level, 4,810-square-foot building that was formerly a bridal shop, and there’s a valet station right outside.”

The new Melting Pot Evolution prototype offers a diverse range of restaurant experiences, allowing the Coral Gables location to cater to a variety of guest preferences. In Coral Gables, guests can customize their celebrations at the Melting Pot to suit their needs, whether they opt for the Ultimate 5-Course Experience or a shorter, more casual visit focused on the bar. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

While Melting Pot has primarily focused on expansion through franchising and has already executed two new agreements this year, Stone said the Coral Gables market offered a great opportunity to develop a corporate-owned restaurant.

“We do have multiple restaurants in South Florida, but the closest Melting Pot is about 10.5 miles away in Kendall, which is a 25-minute drive without traffic; the Coral Gables market is very underserved by our brand right now,” Stone says. “Establishing this location in the market will tell people that there are multiple ways to experience the Melting Pot brand, and we’re really excited to bring that to Coral Gables.”

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