Luxury Cruises From Scenic Group Explore the Happiest Countries on Earth

The latest World Happiness Report for 2024 emphasizes that happiness is a continuous journey rather than a temporary emotion. Scenic Group, known for its ultra-luxe and luxury cruise experiences offered through Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours and Emerald Cruises, is dedicated to perfecting this journey for its guests. The luxury cruise company achieves this through meticulously planned itineraries that take travelers to some of the happiest countries and coastlines in the world.

Each Scenic Group voyage is carefully designed to provide guests with a sensory feast, immersing them in unparalleled luxury and ensuring that happiness remains a constant companion throughout their journey. Discover the top itineraries to the world’s happiest countries below:

Happiest Countries Visited: No. 2 Denmark, No. 3 Iceland and No. 15 Canada

  • Arctic Wonders (Scenic Ocean Cruises)
  • 15-day Greenland Explorer
  • 14-day Uncover Greenland & Canada

Happiest Countries Visited: No. 6 Netherlands, No. 9 Switzerland & No. 14 Austria

  • Danube Dreams & Rhine Reveries (Scenic River Cruises)
  • 8-day Gems of the Danube
  • 8-day Rhine Highlights
  • 15-day Christmas Markets
  • 10-day Danube in Depth

Happiest Countries Visited: No. 6 Netherlands, No. 9 Switzerland and No. 14 Austria

  • Ancient Architecture & Vineyard Vistas (Emerald River Cruises)
  • 8-day Danube Delights
  • 11-day Rhine Castles & Vineyards

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