Five innovations that stood out from the mass at MakeUp in Paris 2024

One of the innovations that made the biggest impression this year at MakeUp in Paris was presented by C.A.P. (Clever Alternative Products), a newcomer in the industry founded by well-known beauty veterans such as Thierry de Baschmakoff or Gérald Martines. Far from being the umpteenth refillable lipstick, their Cheeky Lipstick Concept offers several remarkable features!

First of all, it has a completely original mechanism, since it is not the bulk that goes up or down in the sleeve but the latter which moves. The advantage is that it only requires a reduced number of parts and that the bulk can never be crushed by the cap.

It was an eco-designed from the onset,” explains Gérald Martines, an expert in sustainable innovation who contributed to the project. “The PP refill cartridge is recyclable and ultra-light. As this is the part intended to be thrown away, it has been designed to consume a minimum of material and energy. For its part, the exterior cartridge, which is intended to be kept, can be subject to unlimited customization. The version that we present is made of PET, but it can be in aluminium or any other recyclable and/or recycled material.

The mechanism and the refill system are patented. The product, including the refill, is fully customizable.

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Still on the packaging side, British design agency Morrama and Chinese manufacturer PPK won an Innovation & Trend (IT) Award for their Maya Refillable Lipstick Packaging characterized by a combination of aluminium (for the sleeve) and moulded bamboo and bagasse pulp (for the insert).

The solution has already been chosen by the English brand Wild.

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Always at the forefront when it comes to offering high-quality eco-designed sampling solutions, Livcer presented a thermoformed sample that is 100% PE and therefore recyclable.

R100 is suitable for all liquid formulas, foundations, creams and oils. And to top it all off, the label is also made of PE!

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As far as formulations were concerned, the wealth of proposals was such that making a choice among the multiple innovations showcased was almost impossible.

The Graffiti Luminous Spray from the Italian manufacturer B. Kolormakeup & Skincare stood out from the crowd. This fresh, hydrating liquid blush spray which inaugurates a new way of applying makeup won the IT Award from MakeUp in Paris in the make-up category.

Designed as a coloured mist that sculpts and illuminates the face, the formula is sprayed onto a sponge or brush. It blends gently onto the skin and gives it a luminous finish. The list of ingredients includes natural esters, a polyethylene glycol (PEG)-free emulsifier as well as micronized mica pigments and a mixture of natural pearls.

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Last but not least, in the nail segment, Fiabila showcased the first results of its research on “the cleanest gel formula on the market”, from which a maximum of sensitizing agents have been removed without compromising the 21 day lasting required for this type of product.

Today we offer a formula that is the least sensitizing among those available on the market and we continue to improve it,” explains Candice Jagut, Chief Marketing Officer.

Beyond this short selection of five flagship products, we could also have mentioned Carte Blanche by Fareva Chromavis, a pioneering to-go makeup card concept, or Whipped Blush by MS BeautiLab, a water-based mousse for the cheeks and eyes, and many other launches as this edition of MakeUp in Paris was rich in innovations. To be continued …

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