Euro 7 and beyond

This Automotive World report explores the anticipated efficacy of Euro 7, the importance of clear governance, and the evolution of decarbonisation strategies

Euro 7 has experienced a mixed reception in the automotive industry. While some consider it a low-ambition update to Euro 6/VI, others view it as a pragmatic and valuable step forward in the overall journey to cut various types of emissions. As electric vehicle sales stall, the wider decarbonisation strategy will depend on supply chain reinvention, clear government policy, and less emphasis on singular ‘breakthrough’ solutions. Not doing so risks the EU ceding leadership on environmental issues.

In this report:

Special report: Euro 7 and beyond‘ presents insight from:

  • Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst
  • Daimler Truck
  • Emissions Analytics
  • International Road Transport Union
  • Linde Technologies
  • PepsiCo
  • Ricardo
  • The International Council on Clean Transportation
  • Transport & Environment
  • Volvo Trucks

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