Dual energy e-trucks broaden the scope of zero carbon fleets

Although internal combustion engine (ICE) innovation is likely to continue for several years, the future of commercial vehicles (CVs) is increasingly framed around zero emissions. However, there is an ongoing debate around which powertrain is a better successor to diesel: battery-electric (BEV) or hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV).

For some commentators, the nascent development and expense of creating a global hydrogen economy makes the fuel impractical compared to more readily available battery technology. On the other hand, hydrogen’s promise of lighter CVs capable of transporting heavier loads across longer distances offers a more flexible and directly comparable diesel experience. It is no surprise that OEMs like Volvo Trucks are investing in both, as well as ICE.

The solution, perhaps, is not to place the two technologies in opposition. Some players suggest that a dual energy, hydrogen-battery hybrid system could be the ideal middle solution for the road transport sector.

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