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I got a call at work that the girls wanted to go ice skating, and it was *just* cold enough in North Carolina to make it happen.

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Primary Bedroom Sources

Lately, I feel like my nightstand has been a catch-all, and it’s maddening. I couldn’t sleep one more night with all that STUFF out. Shockingly, it took only four minutes to clean up. Isn’t that always the way with chores that plague us? Here, you can see only the essentials: my lip mask and my nightly (protein) hot chocolate.

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Speaking of drinks, I went through the drive-thru at Sonic more than once this month for their raspberries and lemon water. I get thirsty just *looking* at this image.

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Laundry Room Sources

You guys know I’m big on listening to audiobooks while doing chores around the house. This month, I finished “Tom Lake” by Ann Patchett, and every last article of clothing was cleaned, folded, and put away. I give the book four stars. I give the laundry room five stars 🙂

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Kitchen Sources

Our girls have chores to do every day after school. My favorite is when they unload the dishwashers — because Chris is also in the kitchen, making dinner, and I love this everyday moment with my family.

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My snuggle buddy waits every night for couch time — and I happily oblige.

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I had a bit of a health scare this month: After a stomach ache that lasted too long, I was officially diagnosed with Celiac disease. Because I also have Hashimoto’s, I haven’t eaten gluten in years! However, we discovered that there were traces of gluten in my thyroid medication. We changed it up, and I’m feeling much better.

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Living Room Sources

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I borrowed this camera when I shot Freddy’s nursery last June, and this month, I bought it for myself. There’s nothing like a crisp photo to show off a project you’re proud of.

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We get a lot of questions about our dinner bell, and it isn’t available anymore. But this is the one I’d get if I had to buy one today. A couple other options here.

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I’m romanticizing my life this year by stocking ribbon for every occasion. I bought these black hearts for Valentine’s Day, but I think moody love is good all year round. (I bought the I Love You ribbon as well.)

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Chris uses these gloves to break up brisket, but you could use them for anything that’s too hot to handle.

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I added Her to my vase collection this month. Isn’t she lovely?

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I bought this bed for my parents this month. Can you believe that they’ve been married for 43 years and they’ve never slept in a king-size bed?! This is sturdy and handsome and affordable. They’re loving it.

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This brush was so good at de-tangling Polly’s hair that I bought one for myself!

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I added this stately lamp to the study this month, and it looks so good over the club chair that I just want to curl up with a stack of magazines and zone out.

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Chris has been buzzing up everything in this express chop this month! My favorite: the toppings for nachos.

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These are my all-time favorite sunglasses! I thought I lost them forever, and then I found them in an old purse! Reunited, and it feels so good…

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Chris got this for my for my birthday in November, and I love all of the health info I’m getting on the daily, including blood oxygen level, hours slept, resting heart rate, skin temperature, and steps taken.

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I’ve been filling this out every night, and I’ve felt such a change in my mood and my mindfulness.

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We added curtains to the living room this month, and I love how homey and comfortable it feels in there now. If you’re not sure what your room is missing: It’s curtains.

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I bought this silky little number, and a matching sweater to go with it. Butter yellow is my color of the year.

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Oops. I think I wore this hoodie every day this month.

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